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Business & Events

Our business and events services are designed for companies, public institutions and organizations in need of assistance for travel arrangements or executing professional events in China.

When you are travelling in China you want to get the most out of your time there. We tailor all business delegations or events according to your needs and are ready to provide you with everything from international flights to domestic transportation, hotels and quality content. Our priority is to make your arrangement in China as smooth and beneficial as possible. Contact us with specific details for your plans.

Comfortable & efficient business stay
We use only tested and highly service-minded hotels that can accommodate business travelers in an efficient way. Our handpicked selection include business hotels at great locations with the necessary commodities. We understand that, a hotel needs to be a comfortable stay that provide convenience when you need to recharge.
Quality Content
We have a strong network in China and we are updated on the current trends across industries in China. We know that organizing a business delegation to China requires the balance of different elements. Let us help you develop a qualified program that allow participants to get the most out of meetings, while still having the time to reflect. We are available for consultation on program elements before you go and offer facilitation of the program and content when you are on the road.
Maximum flexibility
Our service-minded staff in Denmark and China are available 24/7 and ready to serve you. With our own setup in Shanghai there are no expensive extra suppliers and our team is agile and flexibile when it comes to your needs. China is dynamic and adapting to the conditions of speedy changes is a part of our company culture.
China´s huge market opportunities is attracting many businesses, organizations and institutions. Knowing basic information about your destination and your hosts can be a deal breaker in the end. You can be sure, they know about you. At China Experience we know China, but more importantly we work with trusted partners and experts, and we can help you with tailored preparation before you go.
China is a power magnet and the sheer speed of the mega metropolises’ attract diversified cultural life and business communities. This can also make it a jungle to find the right spots and service when your event needs to be professionally executed. With our own office in China and a great network, we can make it easy for you to secure a smooth and professional event.
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Do not hesitate to get a consult on your arrangement and a free of charge offer! We here and ready to help you through the process from planning to execution.

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Before you go to China there are some practical advice that may be of use to you. Learn more in our flyer here. (In Danish only)

All our programs are tailor made, and we are more than happy to consult you on the various opportunities that match the need of each individual group. Do not hesitate to contact us or book us for a meeting!


Why choose China?

Does your organization realize the need to understand and experience China? Even if you are not active in the markets in China, The Middle Kingdom is no longer the world’s factory, but increasingly becoming a global player that is changing world dynamics. With an exploding demand in consumer markets, China is shifting towards a service-driven economy, and has the goal of becoming an "innovation nation" by 2020. The challenges and opportunities are plenty - and the need to understand China is growing.