Advisory Board

 Our Advisory board support us in our continous development and help us stay focused and sharp, so we can deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Henrik Futtrup
Advisory board member

Henrik Futtrup is managing director for Sapa North Europe and has previously been responsible for Sapa grops’ interests in China. Henrik helped OK amba open up the energy market in Denmark, but also held several leading positions, among others as sales director at Danfoss and destination manager at Spies. He has specialized in sales and turnaround, and is now an active board member in a number of companies. Henrik is a great asset to China Experience, and offer sparring and advice that keep us on our toes, advising on sales and management.

Henrik is a key person sparring with China Experience on strategy and management and has been on the board since 2011.


Henrik Neelmeyer
Advisory board member

Henrik Neelmeyer is the CEO of Egeskov Castle on Fyn. He has held a number of other leading positions in the travel industry as Managing director of Spies, owner of Krone Rejser and director at the Institute for Corporate Governance. Currently Henrik is also active as the Chairman of Udvikling Fyns tourist strategy board and he holds an MBA in business administration from AVT Business School. Henrik offers a great deal of sparring on strategy and management, and always challenges us to develop our ideas and concepts. 

Henrik has been an advisor for China Experience since 2011.